Highly Insightful!

HALO Academy was a highly insightful and fantastic tool to help guide my franchise moving forward. Week over week we took a deep dive into businesses of all sizes, looked at their finances, and business models, and had a great conversation to make the information relevant to our businesses. Thank you!

Nikki Warren

Kaia Fit: Founder

"It Like An MBA In Fitness & Wellness!"

An amazing two and a half week HALO academy! It was like getting an MBA in Fitness Management. I learned more in those five, two hour classes than I have in the past 5 years. I highly recommend this! If you have any rising stars in your organization, it's a great way to invest in them. . . I hope you take advantage of this great program.

Precor: Senior Strategic Account Manager

"I Will Continue To Support The HALO Academy To Develop My Skills & Knowledge To Better My Life, Business, & Professional Network."

I was totally satisfied with the HALO Academy workshops led by Pete Moore. Each class used real-world case studies, where we gave feedback based on our own experiences. The activity of dissecting the problems and decisions facing the company helped me to look at these decisions from new and very different perspectives. Hearing feedback from others in the industry across many different specialties and experiences was incredibly valuable. 

Pete's deep understanding of the HALO sector's business characteristics and market trends through time made each workshop very enjoyable with "aha" moments along the way. I will continue to support the HALO Academy to develop my skills and knowledge to better my life, business, and professional network.

Jersey Strong: Chief Operating Officer

". . .Will Forever Change The Way You Look At The Industry."

After 15+ years of knowing and working with Pete Moore and HALO, I have come to the conclusion that his new HALO academy will forever change the way you look at the industry and the people that make the industry what it is today.  HALO’s case study approach, along with Pete’s knowledge and industry experience, made me feel as if I received an advanced degree in the industry in just six weeks.  

I will continue to be a student in these classes as long as Pete continues to offer the classes.  I would highly recommend anyone that wants to better educated themselves on the industry and the funding sources that drive this space, 

Join this academy today.

Club Automation: VP of Sales National Accounts

"Great Program!"

Great program! The classes were very informative and interactive. The discussions were followed by relevant guests introducing themselves, telling their stories and opening up for Q&A. Overall a great learning experience with energetic interactions.

Gympass: Fitness Partnerships

". . . An Amazing Learning Opportunity!"

As a recent business school graduate, this experience gave me a fresh perspective into all of the different areas with which one has to work when founding and running a business. Being able to participate in an interactive discussion with individuals from several different backgrounds has been an amazing learning opportunity. 

I love how this encouraged us to use what we know, draw from others, and to question what we may not understand. The case studies of companies that I know and have used allows for a personal insight into the operations rather than just picking random companies. Such a great programming experience with energetic interactions.

Research Associate: Being Well Lifestyle

". . .Even Though I Was Kind Of New To This Type Of Work, Everyone Made Me Feel Welcome!"

I wanted to thank you and Pete for  creating the HALO Academy and extending the generous offer to TRX to be able to participate. As I stated in the video, there were times that information (a lot of information at times) went over my head, but by the last class I was able to understand more terminology and balance sheets, item lines, etc. I'm sure I would benefit from taking a basic accounting or economics course or something to help me understand the numbers better, however I would have not gotten the real world applications Pete provided with his teaching style as well as bringing the guest speakers on to each class.

I will definitely be recommending the HALO Academy to my colleagues and people I meet within the industry as a way to advance their knowledge and career and I look forward to learning more from you and Pete along the way! Thank you both again!

TRX: Exercise Training Content Manager

". . .Terrific Course Full of Excellent Insights."

Great content! Great people! Interesting and relevant case studies. This is a terrific course full of excellent insights and solid learning for everyone.

TRX: Global Training & Development

". . .Dialogue & Discussion Is Always Astutely Informative."

Pete and Dave’s  HALO Talks brings together entrepreneurs, investors and key leaders from the health, active lifestyle and outdoor industry, This group shares invaluable insights and unique perspectives into the past, current and future state of business, leadership and investment within the industry. The dialogue & discussion is always astutely informative from a broad industry brands & executives with high business acumen.

FIT Summit: Head Industry Development

"If You're Looking For A Place To Learn The Business of Fitness, You've Found It!"

The HALO Academy provided me with extraordinary knowledge and analysis of business leaders in the fitness space. Pete's style of teaching and deep expertise in the fitness industry provided important perspectives on success and challenges of the fitness business.

Not only did we review interesting case studies, the participants also had the opportunity to learn from each other and hear each other's perspectives. The Academy also brought on guests that were involved with the case study businesses either as founder or in some way closely affiliated with the business we were studying. This experience provided once-in-a-lifetime access to those who really have paved the way for others to follow.

The sessions are very well organized and moderated. I highly recommend anyone that wants to hone their business skills to not hesitate being part of the HALO Academy community. If you're looking for a place to learn the business of fitness you've found it!

Area Developer, NJ: Row House & Pure Barre

"Worthwhile And Insightful!"

As is the case with many fitness professionals, day to day operations and firefighting can often takeover and perhaps distract us from the obligations we have to ourselves, our business, and our industry as it relates to continued education on both the history of what has worked so well for others and also pitfalls that in many cases can be better understood and therefore avoided. 

Over a period of a few weeks and having the chance to interact with a group of thoughtful fitness professionals, Peter Moore took us through multiple conversations that have revealed key attributes of what can make or break your business. This was the best and most intimate business interaction that I've had, ever. I look forward to the next one.

CEO: Gold's Gym-Houston

"I Highly Recommend This Class!"

I recently completed the HALO Academy, Cohort #2, led by Pete Moore, the CEO and Founder of Integrity Squared, and HALO veteran. I can’t recommend the class enough to any fitness professionals, enthusiasts, or anyone curious about the inner-workings and behind the scenes equity transactions of the world’s most transformative HALO brands. Pete taught the class as if we were in business school, with a keen emphasis on various critical factors, including but not limited to the unique brands of these organizations, the underlying deal analytics, and much more. Pete’s deep relationships in the HALO sector was the cherry on top, because my favorite part of the class was the speakers that Pete brought on to answer our questions, all of whom played a key role in the case studies.

These speakers ranged from private equity investors, to founders of corporate or franchised businesses, to equity analysts. As a business development professional for a service sector recruiter active in the HALO space, and someone not directly from the HALO sector, I appreciate Pete’s thoughtful approach to asking those out of industry non-industry specific questions when he picked our brains. In addition, I met some incredible people in and around the HALO space from different parts of the country, and am grateful to Pete for bringing us all together.

I highly recommend this class to anyone who is passionate about the HALO sector- I’ve walked away with a ton of knowledge that is applicable and practical to our work in the recruitment world.  I will most certainly sign up for Pete’s next class in 2021, and can’t wait to stay in touch with Pete, the Integrity Squared team, and the rest of Cohort #2. Thank you Pete!

VP: The Elliot Group

"One Of The Best Investments You'll Make!" 

I took the HALO Academy 101 course, and I highly recommend it for anyone in the fitness industry. If you think that you need to learn more about finance, business valuation, and business strategy, this is the course for you. I should warn you, don't expect to sit through hours of lectures. Be prepared to read the case studies, contribute your expertise, and learn from your classmates. 

Pete Moore will keep you on your toes! Pete does a great job of encouraging and drawing the expertise of classmates to each case and educational session. I know I really learned a lot from my classmates, all thought leaders in the industry. I think the HALO Academy is one of best educational and professional development investments you can make for yourself! 

Senior Research Manger : IHRSA

"Top Notch, 5-Star Course!"

Pete and David provided a top-notch 5 star course online case study program via their HALO Academy. As someone who has a degree in applied mathematics and graduated valedictorian from B-school, I’ve had the opportunity to witness great instruction (and terrible, too). Pete and Dave’s case studies are spot on, highly relevant, and insightful into the unique world of wellness private equity. 

That being said, this class isn’t just for gym owners. Entrepreneurs starting their own CRM software/app, traditional real estate bankers looking for behind the scenes "thinking", supply chain logistic managers wondering how to better prepare for next year, and seasoned industry veterans with green newbies by their side alike will gain value from this course. 

The guest speakers aren’t just academics with limited theoretical druthers on a niche singular topic, but rather they are those with first-hand experience and historical involvement of the exact subjects being discussed. 

Lastly, Pete and David clearly put research into you, the student, ahead of time to 1) better extrapolate your unique qualities for the benefit of everyone’s education, and 2) to deliver a more personalized and comfortable learning experience. 

Any undergrad or MBA school professors reading this? If so, considering adding HALO academy into your course study for a mid-term shift.

Tyler Manegold

"Highly Recommend!"

This was a great course I highly recommend. They provided me with a fun interactive experience and felt very personal. 

Chris Cristini

Cristini Athletics

"I Took A Ton Out Of This!"

I've been a gym owner/operator for 14 years and really enjoyed HALO Academy 101 and thought it was an awesome course!  Highly recommended. I loved how the course was laid out in a case study format. We did a deep dive into big brands in the industry and picked apart their business models. From a financial aspect (which isn't necessarily my strong suit), to learn how to pick apart a company from its financial statements was awesome. 

Learning how private equity and venture capital works, how to compete when your competitors have that type of funding and you don't, and also how to attract that type of funding. . . a ton I took out of it to to think about for short term and long term strategy. 

Greg McCoy


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